Think/do before you move – ideas to prepare for activities. . .

Hello everyone!

Some things to think about as you get out and walk, garden, bike, hike, etc.

1. Make sure you are hydrated!  Drink at least 4 big glasses of water a day.  Take a water bottle with you wherever you go.

2.  PREPARE for the activity both physically and mentally.  Taking five minutes to focus your mind and body on how you are feeling, what you will be doing.  “Checking in” with your body will help you to benefit the most from your outing.  Have you had a good meal? Water? Are you dressed accordingly?  What’s your plan?  A walk around the block, meeting a friend, chores in the garden, etc. If you can take the time, sit in a chair and go through our warm up that we do every time we start class, you will enhance your activity and your body will thank you.

Brief overview.  Enjoy!

1.  Breathe!  Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, letting go of any tension in the shoulders or neck.  Sense the breath sweeping through your whole body, checking in with your core as well as all extremities, their muscles and bones.

2.  Tactile – brush both arms, massage or pat arms and legs, “waking up” the nerve endings and soft tissue connections.

3.  Head-tail:  Curve the spine forward, head toward knees. Then extend the spine with head and neck reaching to the sky and tail bone reaching to the back of the chair – try this with your breath – exhale as you curve forward, head to knees.

4. Core-distal:  Extend your arms over your head and out to the sides, feeling the connection to your core.  Try the same with your legs (the BIG STAR).  This helps to get the whole body moving together and in a “larger” space, with a connection to your power center.

5.  Cross lateral:  Connect your right hand to your left knee, change sides.  Do this several times, then switch to your hip, shoulder and foot.  This helps to engage both sides of your brain and connect across the midline of your body.

6.  Head/neck mobility:  Gently roll your head from side to side, use your breath, close your eyes and come back to where you started.  Finish with sitting tall and preparing to stand.  If you haven’t already gotten your shoes on, be sure to do some ankle rotations and squeeze and release your toes.

Standing and ready to go!  Feet underneath your pelvis, with exhale, stand with power and strength and connection. If you can make it happen, after your activity, repeat this nice body/mind connection and sense how you feel, thank your body for getting out, being there for you and then have a big glass of water!

Take care and see you soon!


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