Billie Pawlikowski

Billie has been a part of our program for more than six years. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the work from a professional nursing career, medical professional and her own lived experience. Billie has been a part of our performance series, A Balancing Act and Fall & Recover.


Barbara Smith

Barbara is a professor emeritus at CSU in the Nutrition program. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the Parkinson’s community around diet and drug interactions. Barbara has been a wonderful supporter of the program for years and is a huge advocate for movement and exercise. Her poem “On Becoming ParkinsonianPoem1 1-23-2020. The MTP community worked with Barbara to bring her poem to the stage at the CSU Unversity Center for the Arts. Barbara has been living with Parkinson’s for over 20 years.



Michele brings an amazing perspective to our classes with her mindful and caring outlook on life. I am especially grateful for her heartfelt and artistic expression of what my class offers to her as a therapy for living with Parkinson’s.