Moving Through Parkinson's (MTP), founded by Lisa Morgan, was started as an extension of ongoing classes through the Music Therapy Program at Colorado State University. Currently, classes are held at the CSU Center for Healthy Aging and sponsored by Parkinson's Association of the Rockies. 

MTP classes are for people living with Parkinson’s and their care partners. We come together to move, exercise and dance! Through specifically designed movement patterns, we work to improve balance, combat stiffness and rigidity, and improve coordination and spatial awareness. Our goals are to build confidence to move with freedom and ease, acquire tools to use on a daily basis, build strength and endurance and, overall, to improve our well being.

Colorado State University Dance faculty member Lisa Morgan dancesLisa Morgan is a dance educator and movement specialist who has been working in the dance and movement education field for more than 25 years.  She is on the faculty at Colorado State University in the School of Music, Theatre and Dance.  She is passionate about facilitating movement experiences for all ages and disciplines as a catalyst for learning, developing a greater sense of how our bodies move and function to support healing and well being. At CSU Dance, since 2000, Lisa has taught modern dance technique, choreography and now is focusing on Teaching Methods for Children’s dance. She is committed to expanding dance in our schools K-12 schools. She is involved in developing a Teacher Licensure program for dance educators as well as offering professional development opportunities for our Colorado pK-12 teachers.


She coordinates the dance portion of BRAINY (BRinging Arts INtegration to Youth) inviting 4th graders from Title I schools to experience sessions in dance, theatre, music and visual arts.  Lisa has worked with all ages, sharing the joy of movement and the therapeutic benefits of dance.