Happening NOW! NO BARRIERS Summit Videos are also here for you to access. These were developed for the No Barriers Caregiver Program in collaboration with Heather Zoccali, NB Caregiver Program Manager and Ryan Marvel, musician and composer.

GIFT TO SELF: Mindful Focus & Body Reset

STEP FORWARD/LEAN IN Move and groove! Celebrate your versatility and resilience and step forward with your best self!

Our group worked together to create a performance piece that we took to the stage at CSU Dance in February, 2020. Based on a poem written by Barbara A. Smith, On Becoming Parkinsonian, I was honored and humbled to present this work and share these stories in this form.

We work closely with the CSU Occupational Therapy Department with student support of the classes and developing this new video series, Videos to Move By. Here is the first one, featuring Jan Bohart and offering a morning wake up routine/reminders as we enter into the day. CLICK HERE for a story